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2011 October


Al Kooper – The Landlord (NM UAS.29120 LP. Classic breaks on this hard-to-find UK release) £11


Various – “The Magic Garden Of Stanley Sweetheart” (VG MGM Records – 1SE-20ST LP. The easiest way to get hold of War’s best ever track and another OST-only killer as well!) £10


Galt MacDermot – Cotton Comes To Harlem (Original Motion Picture Score) (VG UAS29119 original UK release with VG sleeve) £10

Jaques Loussier – Pulsion (VG+ CBS Disques – CBS 8111 7″ with a VG b-side and sleeve. An incredible drum and piano workout that Dre sampled for Eminem’s ‘Kill you’) £7


Bonobasar OST (VG+ Bengali soundtrack LP that plays at 45! VG sleeve. Not much detail as everything is in Bengali on sleeve and labels. Great bollywood drumbreaks and amazing sounds. No information about this anywhere on web.) £5


Various – Soup For One – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (VG. Check out the slow-burn disco goodness on these tracks!) £6


André Previn – Rollerball (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (VG+ vinyl with a VG sleeve) £5


James Bernard – The Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires (G with clicks and one skip. Music and some incredible narration by Peter Cushing!) £2


Richard Denton And Martin Cook – Theme From “Hong Kong Beat” (VG BBC Records – RESL 52 7″) £2


Mike Morton Combination, The – Burning Bridges / You Gotta Be Mine (VG+ Plexium Kelly’s Heroes cover version 7″) £2





Coeur Magique – Wakan Tanka / Ellocia (VG funky psyche/rock 7″ from France with picture sleeve. Unbelievable breaks. Both sides edited down from the album versions. That’s as rare as hell – this single even more so…) £16


Effie Smith – Harper Valley P.T.A. Gossip / The Natural (VG+ Eee Cee Records 7″) £5


AM-FM – You Are The One (VG+ Dakar Records – DK 103 12″. Incredible 80s funk with an instrumental Bside) £6


Paul Humphrey & His Cool Aid Chemists – Cool Aid / Detroit (VG Lizard – X-21006 7″) £3


Average White Band – Cut The Cake / Person to person (VG+ 7″. Two great tracks. Sampled by the Beasties, BDK etc.) £3


Martin Circus – Je M’Eclate Au Senegal / Moi J’Aime Bien Prendre Mon Pied (VG+ 7″ from the French outfit most famous for ‘Disco Circus’ but I’m much happier when they’re doing stuff like this – funky, poppy-psyche. P/S is G+) £2


Various – Rosko Road Show Volume 3 (VG+/VG K50119 LP. Really interesting compilation from a historical point of view. Rosko – the same guy who did that great “Earthshaker” track? – mixes the end of the tracks into their instrumentals and then does his cheesy voiceover DJ stuff over them before segue-ing into the next track. Interesting because it’s 1975 – before the 12″ was invented!) £2


Chic – Le Freak / Savoir Faire (VG+ Atlantic – K 11209 12″) £2


Wee Three – Get On Board / The whole world is a stage (VG People Records – PEO 104 7″) £2


whispers – and the beat goes on / my girl (VG+ Solar/Golden Grooves 7″) £1



Clash, The – Hitsville U.K. / Radio One (VG CBS demo 7″. plain sleeve. biro on one side) £8


Sidney Rodgers / Ethnic Fight Band – Musicians & D.J.’s Party / Musician Rocker (VG Ethnic Flight 7″) £4


Charlie Chaplin / Sly & Robbie – Diet Rock / Version (VG+ 7″ on Power House) £15


Luciano / Singing Melody – Word Power And Sounds / Money Love (NM Brick Wall 7″) £3


Wadada – Real Love / version (VG Black Lion Records 7″) £2


Beat, The – I Just Can’t Stop It (VG LP) £2


Bruce Ruffin – Rain / Pyramids, The – Geronimo (G+ Trojan Records – TR-7814 7″ with crackles. Cover of Feliciano’s ‘Rain’ on the A is ok but check the wicked skanking B side) £3


Prince Buster – Big Five / Musical college (G+ 7″ on Prince Buster’s own label from 1967. Pure slackness on one side but Musical College serves up the goods) £2


Unknown Artist – Discotheque Volume 1 (VG+ Boulevard. One of those ‘teen beat’ LPs on an easy listening label that has a nice, authentic slice of ska with the track ‘Man, This Is Reggae’) £2


Harmonites International Steel Orchestra – Men in harmonites (G+ steel LP with just the most wicked sleeve ever. Just after I promised myself no more steel drum LPs…) £2


Dynamites, The – (walk tall) Do The Crawl / Go for it (VG 7″ Logo Records – GO 396. Bside is a great two-tone track) £2



OTHER 7″s:

Record year – The day they remembered / Tourists, The – So Good To Be Back Home Again (VG+ RCA 7″ LB18. Starts with the 5 most chilling words in the English language – “Hello, this is Noel Edmonds”. He introduces some sort of pop song to do with birthdays. The track on the B side is a bit better known and a lot better) £1


Rolling Stones, The – Brown Sugar / Bitch / Let It Rock (VG+ RS 19100 7″ in plain sleeve) £2


Mescalito – Botnik / Rambla (NM Tummy Touch – TUCH 058 7″. Kind of a post-rock/triphop crossover and very, very good.) £3


Herbie Mann – Spinball / Turtle Bay (VG+ 7″) (Atlantic promo with large A. Biro on one side of label) £2


Buzzcocks – Everybody’s Happy Nowadays / Why can’t I touch it (VG United Artists Records – UP 36499 7″) £3


Billy Vits – Pop up (VG+ 7″ red vinyl capitalising on the Double Dutch craze. White sleeve stamped with a design on both sides. Infectious grooves and simple rhymes. Barely a mention of this online so you know how rare that makes it) £1


The way to be saved – elder dunkley / fullness of the light – murna tinglin and the Joy Bells (G 7″ on Henry’s. Two sides of private pressed JA gospel) £2


Kingston trio – A Little Soul Is Born / the spinnin of the world (VG decca 7″) £1


My gardening secrets – Fred Streeter (VG Spoken word stuff for your sampler!) £2


The Bri-Nylon Mystery Tune Money Spinner (G+ More spoken word goodies! Fantastic 60s voices introducing a competition with jingles. From South Africa – the B side is the same but in Afrikaans!) £2


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