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2011 August


Augustus Pablo/Rockers All Stars – Minstrel chant/Love chant dub (VG+ Message 7″. Few tiny flaws in the press stopping me from marking this as NM but that’s how it plays. Stunning organ reggae from 78 on both sides. The 12″ recently went for £100 on the bay so snap up a bargain.) £8


Stepping out of Babylon – Marcia Griffiths and the Revolutionaries / Stepping Dub by the Revolutionaries (VG/VG+ 7″ on High Note in a plain sleeve. Wicked roots with an equally amazing version) £10


Toots & The Maytals – Screwface underground / version (VG 7″ on Jaguar. Light marks, a few crackles and biro on label. Plain cover.) £8


Clint Richards – Futureless man / version (G+ Fireston 7″. Good roots with a cool dubby version. Crackles and slight flaws mean this rare 7″ is priced nice) £5

Laurel & Hardy – Lots Of Loving / wan’ fe rave. (VG+ A3410 with VG p/s. 80s vibes!) £2


Jacob Miller – Sittin on the dock of the bay / version (VG 7″ on 2nd Tracs) £2


John Holt – You Baby / Open The Door (VG+ Trojan 7″) £2


Barrington Levy – Struggler / Moon Light Lover Re-Mix (VG+ Time 1 Records – 7TR020) £1


Barry Biggs – Three Ring Circus (G+ Dynamic Sounds – DYN 128 7″) £1


Weapon Of Peace – Jah Love / West park (VG+ 7″ with writing on label on one side) £1


The Soul Agents / Bob & The Beltones – Get Ready It’s Rock Steady / Smile Like An Angel (VG/G+ Coxsone 7″. Classic Dodd and Mittoo rocksteady. Sounds crunchy so priced nice) £5





All Souls Magnificent People – Old School Funky Music People / More Funky Music (VG+ Soul Prolific 7″. Flute and organ-driven nu-funk with breaks from France. Heads above most of the genre.) £8


Mr. Chop – The Incredible Popcorn Experiment / Contamination (VG+ Stark Reality 7″. Fuzz-driven nu-funk with spacey sounds) £6


Soul Destroyers, The – Armadillo / Bird man (VG+ Stark Reality – Stark-011 7″. Nu-funk with breaks) £4


Willie & The Mighty Magnificents – With Skip Sonny And Pace Brothers On Scene ’70 (2000 reissue of this fantastic LP. NM in a plain sleeve) £4


Various – Mystic Brew “For Play” E.P. (Oh my days… Patsy Gallant on a loud 12″… NM on Fat City with a VG sleeve) £4

A1 Cutty Ranks – The Stopper (Mark Rae Remix)

B1 People Under The Stairs – Underground Run

B2 Patsy Gallant – It’ll All Come Around –


Laura Nyro – More Than A New Discovery (G+ Verve Folkways record. Possibly more at home in the ‘folk’ category but the tracks of interest are definitely soulful) £3


Linda Clifford – If My Friends Could See Me Now (VG+ 1978 Curtis Mayfield-produced Curtom LP with the monster “Runaway love”) £3


Facts Of Life – Sometimes (VG 1977 Kayvette LP) £2


Various – Les Vacances De Monsieur Disco (VG Pathé Marconi EMI – SP 5547. Promo 7″ Blue Translucent vinyl with a gatefold sleeve. Clips of songs narrated by the squeaky Monsieur Disco including Dynamic Superiors and Smokey Robinson’s “Theme From Big Time”) £1


Atlantic Starr – All In The Name Of Love (VG+ Warner Bros. Records – 7-28215 7″) £1


Tongue In Cheek – Nobody (Can Love Me) (VG 7″ Criminal Records UK – BUS 6. red stripes. classic street soul with the accapella on the b side) £2


The Federation – Blake’s 7 disco / Disco Jimmy (VG Beeb 7″) £1


OTHER 7″s:


Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – Scorpio / It’s a shame (VG+ Sugar Hill Records – SH 118 7″) £2


Ralph Carmichael – The Restless Ones (The Restless Ones, He’s Everything To Me, Song of strength, Just as I am. 7″ EP movie OST. G+ vinyl and p/s) £1


Proudfoot – Delta Queen / Delta Blues (VG Disc’Az – Delta 56001 7″. Nice bluesey rock on B) £1


Left Side – (Like A) Locomotion / Mama you the right words (VG AZ – SG 478. Almost glam rock 7″) £2


Hawkwind – Quark, Strangeness And Charm / The Forge Of Vulcan (Charisma 7″. small biro marks on plastic label. plain sleeve. Rocky A side and a nice proggy instrumental on the B) £1


The Amazing Spider-Man – Bells Of Doom (VG spoken word 7″ with a great NM sleeve) £3


Us, The – You’re OK With Us / Tomorrow (1970’s Advertisement song for Johnson Wax. VG+ 7″ w/ p/s) £2




Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti (VG SSK 89400 Original Double LP With inners & insert. Kings Road address on back. Cover is G+) £15


Splinter – The Place I Love (VG+ White label LP. Would probably clean up to NM. George harrison produced) £5


Gong – You (V2019 G+ with lots of crackles. Sleeve is just VG. Listen to the clip for some of the funkiest prog rock you’ll ever hear) £2


Andy Harlow – Pura salsa! (Mint sealed LP. Looks so new I guess it’s a reissue or comp or something but can’t find any onfo online about it) £4


Klaus Schulze – X (VG Brain – 0080.023 Disc 1 only . Inner booklet intact. The king of 70s ambient’s 1978 LP. Some pure atmospherics, some Tangerine-style synth stuff. £2


Various – Central Heating (VG+ white label LP with handwritten titles. Only 2 out of the 3 discs) £2

A1 Tony D – Central Introduction 4:54

A2 Mr. Scruff & Mark Rae – How Sweet It Is –

A3 Tony D – Second Street To Go

B1 Only Child – Pourquoi

B2 Tony D – It’s Time Two –

E1 Andy Votel – Hand Of Doom –

E2 Funky Fresh Few – Through These Veins –

E3 Rae & Christian – Good Advice

F1 Aim – Original Stuntmaster –

F2 Andy Votel – Hemlocka 3:35

F3 Tony D – Get Together



Various – Re:Source, Masters From Gramavision (VG+ Gramavision – GR 8302 1983 compilation in a plain sleeve. A mix of jazz – traditional, more avant stuff, the jazz-funk of A2 and the library-style samples of A4) £2

A1 Jamaaladeen Tacuma – Show Stopper

A2 Jay Hoggard – Pacific Vibes

A3 Tony Dagradi – Les Deux Coleurs

A4 Anthony Davis – Wayang NO. II (Shadowdance) –

B1 James Newton – Persephone

B2 Bob Moses – Black Orchid

B3 Harvie Swartz – Rainbow

B4 Anthony Davis – After You Said Yes


Various – Television’s Greatest Hits (65 TV Themes! From The 50’s And The 60’s) (VG+ Gatefold 2xLP on TeeVee Toons, Inc. Seems to have almost every TV sample from every 80s dance hit on it. £2

A1 – WTV Toons Sign On (Peer Gynt – Morning Suite)

A2 – Captain Kangaroo (Puffin’ Billy)

A3 – The Little Rascals (Good Old Days)

A4 – The Flintstones (Meet The Flintstones)

A5 – The Woody Woodpecker Show

A6 – Bugs Bunny Overture (This Is It)

A7 – Caspar The Friendly Ghost

A8 – Felix The Cat

A9 – Popeye

A10 – Yogi Bear

A11 – Magilla Gorilla

A12 – Top Cat

A13 – The Jetsons

A14 – Fireball XL-5

A15 – Howdy Doody

A16 – Test Of The Emergency Broadcast System – Duck And Cover

B1 – The Beverly Hillbillies (Ballad Of Jed Clampett)

B2 – Pettitcoat Junction

B3 – Green Acres

B4 – Mr. Ed

B5 – The Munsters

B6 – The Addams Family

B7 – My Three Sons

B8 – The Donna Reed Show

B9 – Leave It To Beaver (The Toy Parade)

B10 – Dennis The Menace

B11 – Dobie Gillis

B12 – The Patty Duke Show

B13 – The Dick Van Dyke Show

B14 – Gilligan’s Island

B15 – McHale’s Navy

B16 – I Dream Of Jeannie (Jeannie)

B17 – I Love Lucy

B18 – The Andy Griffith Show

B19 – Please Stand By

C1 – Star Trek

C2 – Lost In Space

C3 – The Twilight Zone

C4 – Alfred Hitchcock Presents

C5 – Superman

C6 – Batman

C7 – Flipper

C8 – Combat

C9 – The Rifleman

C10 – Bonanza

C11 – Branded

C12 – F Troop

C13 – Rin Tin Tin

C14 – Daniel Boone

C15 – The Wild Wild West

C16 – The Lone Ranger (William Tell Overture)

C17 – Happy Trails

C18 – We Interrupt The Program… News Medley

D1 – Mission: Impossible

D2 – The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

D3 – Get Smart

D4 – Secret Agent Man

D5 – Dragnet (Theme And March)

D6 – Perry Mason

D7 – Adam 12

D8 – The F.B.I.

D9 – Hawaii Five-O

D10 – 77 Sunset Strip

D11 – Surfside

D12 – Ironside

D13 – Mannix

D14 – The Mod Squad

D15 – The Tonight Show (Johnny’s Theme)

D16 – The Late Late Show (Syncopated Clock)

D17 – WTV Toons Sign Off / Our National Anthem


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